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Rev. Licata wrote:

GOD is good. When we needed an electrician to reinstall an outlet installed by previous owner, done shabbily, y’all sent by the right man to do the job. He cut through the wall and found the box was just hanging there. Could have created a fire, but he not only mounted the dryer box correctly, but cut a panel to cover the mess someone else made. Thank you for professional work. Will keep y’all on speed dial.

Bob from Ten Mile wrote:

My electrician recommended Moore Power to me when I asked about a home generator. Moore Power contacted me promptly, we discussed my options, we picked a morning to identify the circuits I wanted on the generator, he came back in 10 days with the generator I selected, transferred the circuits and then gave me a tutorial on the operation. In all of these  meetings, Danny was on time, communicated well via email or text, was polite and obviously knew what he was doing. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks Danny!!

Ron from Mt Vernon wrote:

There are not enough words to say how great he was. March 10, 2013 We were building a new home and wanted a generator installed. We went to one of the big box stores and purchased a 17KW automatic switch generator. We had been told this was all we needed. We had contacted Danny to schedule him as our person to call for service. We had to contact him sooner because our electrician was not able to do the install. Danny was there and was most professional and just the greatest. Anyone in the East Tenn. area would do best by calling him

Sandra from Tellico Plains wrote:

What “moor(e)” can be said? Danny is great!
PLUS he served these United States in the military. Thank you Sir for your service.
Yes, I recommend this dealer.

One of our customers in the mountains of Tellico Plains, TN wrote:

If you need a generator then you should only call one person and it should be Danny Moore of “Moore Power”. Danny did a complete installation for our 20KW backup generator. We were extremely pleased with his speed of service, technical experience and work performance. The generator had a problem right out of the box and Danny found the problem did the warranty work and had us working in a short time. He is also going to do our annual maintenance checks when needed. Remember you can have the best product on the market and if it’s not installed properly then you’ll never be satisfied. When you use Moore Power you can be assured it will work correctly when you need it. In the last month we’ve lost power twice and had no issues at all. So bottom line if you need more power then you need to call “Moore Power”.

Jack from Delano wrote:

Danny, thanks a lot for sticking to it.  That was a trouble shooting drill for the record books.  If that were the test at the Generac school the failure rate would be very high.  Whenever we have work or know of others that need work done we will direct that to you.

John from Maryville, TN wrote:

Mr. Moore is a highly organized professional individual. His knowledge of Generac products, and that of some local codes was a big plus for me. I will have Mr. Moore perform the maintenance on my Generac. Yes, I recommend this dealer.

Ron from Maryville, TN wrote:

I compliment Danny on his professionalism and dependablity. We are very pleased with our 20 KW Generac and highly recommend Moore Power for all your generator needs. He does good work and sells the best products.

Richard from Rarity Bay, Vonore, TN wrote:

I called Danny Moore for Generac service. he came the next day and took care of my problem. His bill was fair. He was up front with me. I highly recommend Danny Moore.

Jim from Athens wrote:

You’ve heard the sayin ‘Git-R-Done’, well that’s just what Mr. Moore does, just right now and just right !!
Had a problem with the radio signal from the generator not getting to the wireless remote in the house. Mr. Moore fixed it pronto. It’s good to know that you’ve got dependable, reliable, fast service for my Generac equipment when I need it. Thanks, Jim

Judy from Tellico Plains wrote:

Danny repaired a home generator for me. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He got my generator repaired and up and running. I would recommend Danny.

Carl wrote:

Although we have been in our home over 15 years and never without power for more than 3 hours or so, we decided that it was past time to have a whole house generator installed for the following reasons:
1) rapid growth in the area, yet no improvements in area power grid.
2) worsening weather patterns convinced us that upcoming outages were “when”, not “if”.

Talked to several area generator suppliers, but none seemed to be more capable than Moore Power.

Within a few months of the installation we had the recent 2015 February ice storm that hit East Tennessee, and we lost LCUB power for about two days, but we stayed warm and comfy, with no problems!